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Health insurance in Providence certainly does offer plenty of options to residents, but you may wonder which policy is really worth buying. Consider where we are living, the things that influence our rates, and the need of having Providence health insurance coverage. Then you can take all that data, and compare your choices.

Providence, Rhode Island is the capital of the state and the most populated city of “The Ocean State.”  Despite Providence’s small size (1,545 sq mi) it was one of the first cities founded in the U.S.  It is a part of Providence County and has a population of 171,557 residents.  Fittingly, Providence was founded by Roger Williams who named the area in honor of “God's merciful Providence.”

Maybe there does continue to be a blessing on Providence, considering that the Wallet Pop Website named Rhode Island the ninth “safest state” in the U.S., improving its statistics from 2008.  Rhode Island continues to be known as the Beehive of Industry and even the Creative Capital, thanks to its contributions to U.S. business and education.

However, in Providence health insurance is also a major factor, considering that the city is home to eight hospitals.  The safety factor no doubt plays a part in keeping health insurance rates here below the average. These eight hospitals provide services to consumers with Providence health insurance, across 25 official neighborhoods. Providence is divided up by region: the East Side, the Jewelry District (since its beginnings, the state has been known for its jewelry), the North End, The South Side, The West Side and West Broadway.

What Influences the Cost of Providence Health Insurance?

In Providence, health insurance policies are partially written according to demographics of the population.  Providence is a culturally and racially diverse city.  There is more racial diversity in Providence than even in cities like Boston and Hartford.  It has a white population of 40.9%, and a Hispanic population of 36%.  It is made up of 17% African Americans and a rather large and diverse population of immigrants from Portugal and Liberians.  It is also a fairly young city, thanks to its recent increase in non-white population, with a median age of 28 years old.

This is significant when discussing health insurance because the best time to buy a health insurance policy is when you are young.  Students in good health who buy health insurance early on will get a big discount and pay next to nothing, especially if they order term health insurance.

The per capita income of Providence is believed to be $15,525 which is below the state average of $29,113.  That brings us to the question just how affordable is a health insurance policy?  It largely depends on the individual’s health, medical history and lifestyle with some partial influence given to demographical location, occupation and credit.

The Role of General Health in Providence Health Insurance

Obviously, some physical factors play an important role in determining the price of Providence health insurance plans like increases in obesity, unhealthy dieting, use of street drugs or medications, excessive alcohol use and smoking.  Other factors that might play a part in determining the price of a policy include the type of plan you have (such as a PPO), as well as deductibles and co-pays.  You can even opt to set a low yearly maximum clause (such as $10,000) and get a discount for this.

It is important to have coverage so that you can receive prompt medical treatment from the top hospitals in the city like Rhode Island Hospital, Hasbro Children's Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, the St. Joseph Health Service, the Women and Infants' Hospital, the Butler Hospital, the Roger Williams Medical Center and U.S. Veterans Medical Center is also located in Providence.

Why is Providence Health Insurance Important?

While most hospitals will not turn you away from medical treatment if there is an emergency, you will still be required to pay for medical services and this can be expensive.  The average cost of an ER visit is $500 or above, totaling all expenses for the doctor’s visit, lab tests and x-rays.

Remember it’s not just your health that is on the line here, but also the welfare of your family.  It’s better to get a reliable health insurance policy while you are young and practically trouble free, because when you develop an illness or unhealthy physical problem this could be considered a preexisting condition by the insurance company and the premium price will drastically increase.

How can you find an affordable Providence health insurance plan? What might help you is to use our independent rate quote tool. You can use these consumer friendly devises to compare quotes from different Providence health insurance companies and choose a policy that’s right for you. You'll get responses from locally based Providence insurers, as well as national organizations who serve our area. Get started comparing free Providence health insurance quotes online now!

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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